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It’s been a long time…

It’s been a long time since I have written on here and for that I must apologise profusely. A lot has happened since my last post. My bubba boy Harper has grown into a bundle of toddlerish gorgeousness, with the odd tantrum thrown in for good measure. My two daughters are blossoming into beautiful young ladies. I am fully freelance now and have been for over a year… loving juggling freelance editorial work with being a designer-maker, together with cultivating another feather in the proverbial cap… I trained to be a Pilates instructor earlier this year and I am fully qualified. So lots and lots of change this end, but all good and certainly all good for the soul. I am still a complete visual junkie and never cease to scour the internet and magazines for all things beautiful and thought-provoking. And I have just finished writing my fourth book. It’s called #NoFilter and is a visual treat for anyone who likes photography. I won’t say more for the time being, but watch this space as it will be published in April 2019. A few months ago we welcomed two new family members into our home. They are called Olive and Panda and they are the most hilarious and mischievous kittens I have ever known. We now have four cats, which is perhaps getting a bit ridiculous, but I do adore cats and I did always imagine myself as a crazy cat lady in later life… Enough of my ramblings! Without further ado, here are some visuals that are really hitting the spot for me recently… Hope you enjoy. x

Via pinterest


Jasmine Deporta: Sofa Safari via Pinterest


Mark Gagnon’s incredible paper mache work. More on him later…
Via Pinterest chasingtailfeathers.tumblr.com
Via Pinterest
matthieuvenot.tumblr.com via Pinterest

Green & Black…and Pink

So it’s a somewhat delayed post Christmas and New Year ditty from me… Huge apologies, but the family Christmas was a bit of a washout due to the nasty sickness bug going around and the New Year has been a flurry of getting the latest addition to the family, ie the baby boy bubba, ready and settled in nursery. And so it’s done. Another year started and lots of projects in the pipeline, events to attend, plans to consolidate, and hopefully horizons to broaden (my own of course).

I always get twitchy at this time of year. As though I can’t wait to shed some wintry, heavy mantle and skip off to challenges new. And I do have some new challenges afoot… Last Monday I returned to work after 10 months of maternity leave. This may be third time down the line, but it still filled me with a mixture of abject terror and ridiculous elation… what, I can go to London on my own, by train (well hopefully), read a magazine, determine what I do when (well within reason, I still have a line manager), have unbroken adult conversations, wear clothes that aren’t covered in snot and baby food, eat my food sitting down and at a leisurely pace?! Yes, and what a treat it was. I got to peruse several of the magazines I have been piling up over the last half a year and I have been left full of bouncy inspiration. Not least from the fantastic colour combos that are being championed at the moment. My favourite of which is the green, black and pink combination. So for my first post of 2017 here are some visuals to whet the old appetite. I hope you like them. (All images are courtesy of pinterest)

Pretty in Pink

Apologies for the radio silence. I’ve been super busy the last few weeks getting things ready and setting up a new space in a retail outlet. All very exciting.

The 1986 film Pretty In Pink became a formative part of my teenage years. Yet, the colour pink in the home has never really done it for me. Well, not until recently that is. I confess to being a complete convert!

Pink in the home can be used in so many different ways. You can introduce subtle pastel pink hues or go full-on saturated in-your-face-pink, or somewhere in the middle. Whole walls can be painted or just well-chosen accent pieces… There is huge scope for experimentation. Combinations that work well are pink and copper, pink and black, pink and concrete, and if you’ve really got guts, pink and red. You can introduce colour through artwork, paint just a door, throw in a vibrant rug or some cushions. If you feel cautious start with soft furnishings as they are straightforward to change. Pink can be sensual or cosy, dramatic or subtle.

So if you are like me – basically turning my nose up at the thought of pink in the home until recently – feast your eyes on these visuals and hopefully you too will see the potential of pink!


Pink trompe l’oeil. (tinekhome.blogspot.dk)
Deep, saturated cerise used successfully in a kitchen couple with concrete. The combination stops the pink being too frou frou! (bloglovin.com)
Take inspiration from this truly stunning restaurant interior. The Pink Gallery at Sketch in London // pink dining room with retro chairs and chevron floors. (thecarelessblogger.wordpress.com)
The Pink Studio, 1911 by Matisse. (TOPofART.com)
If you can pull it off, go big and bold and transform the facade of your home with pink! (reifhaus.tumblr.com)
Why not look to existing belongings to determine the colour of your walls. Here seashells have been the point of reference. (chintz-of-darkness.blogspot.com)
Pale pink, but done with aplomb. Who doesn’t love an embossed wall. (1stdibs Introspective on Frank de Biasi / 1stdibs.com)
Pink wallpaper punctuated with vintage frames. (boho-weddings.com)
Creating a bold statement hallway using salmon pink, and black and white. A combination that definitely works. An eclectic collection of artwork, a vibrant rug, and monochrome stair runner all help pull this strong look off. (domino.com)
Introduce pink through fabric and soft furnishings. This Art Deco fabric (1920–1930) would look incredible as curtains. Think sophisticated pink… (pinterest)
In the pink. (flickr.com)
A pink accent chair. (lisasaysgah.com)
Not for the faint-hearted! Pink living room in the home of designer Solange Azagury Partridge – Photography by Neil Gavin (wmagazine.tumblr.com)
If you’re going to go pink, go pink… I love the combination of pink and yellow kitchen units. (ilovepolkadot.blogspot.no)
I just love this image. (theleoisallinthemind.tumblr.com)
Pink and copper. And a tolix chair. What’s not to love! (ideasmag.co.za)
Be bold and brave… combine pink and red for a truly dramatic look. (pinterest)
Or create a mediterranean roof-dining experience and give the exterior of your home a lush pinky colour wash. (pinterest)
Pink doesn’t have to overpower. Here it is used effectively with a combination of seemingly clashing patterns to great effect. (pinterest)
Another kitchen. The pink works as a powerful backdrop to a very personal collection of belongings. (pinterest)
And to finish, a gorgeous pastel pink geometric artwork. (pinterest)